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BioNews – recent news stories

Some recent news articles published in BioNews.


Ectopic pregnancies following assisted reproduction fall by half
22 June 2015 – by Ayala Ochert
The rate of ectopic pregnancies in the UK following assisted reproduction has almost halved in the past 12 years, according to a new analysis…

ESHRE 2015: Research highlights
22 June 2015 – by Ayala Ochert
A roundup of research stories from ESHRE 2015 that hit the headlines this week…

Academic performance not affected by assisted reproduction
15 June 2015 – by Ayala Ochert
The academic performance of teenagers who were conceived through assisted reproductive technologies is the same as that of their peers, according to Danish doctors…

Scientists create ‘living biobank’ of cancer samples
11 May 2015 – by Ayala Ochert
Scientists have announced the creation of miniature tumours that closely mimic real cancers…

NIH ‘will not fund gene editing of human embryos’
5 May 2015 – by Ayala Ochert
The US National Institutes of Health has issued a firm statement that it will not fund any research involving gene-editing technologies in human embryos…

Chinese scientists edit genes of human embryos
27 April 2015 – by Ayala Ochert
Chinese scientists report the first-ever genetic modification of human embryos using the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technique, confirming rumours that these highly controversial experiments were underway…

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